~ Anja Bock & Kirsten Ruhnke ~


Kirsten and Anja have been close friends and soul sisters since 2011 when they met through conscious dance.   The universe gently brought them together and their joint passion, skills and spirits created MoonTime…  an authentic business with a huge heart.  

Anja had spent almost 2 years getting the right pad design with her seamstress Sharon when Kirsten joined forces and at the end of 2017 MoonTime was born.  

Anja Bock is a mother, lover of music, dance and ceremony.   She is deeply passionate about our earth, all our relations and bringing people together from all walks of life.  Anja has always had a passion for women and the environment and she created the vehicle to reach both through the creation of reusable sanitary pads.  She also teaches Movement Medicine dance and holds retreats and various workshops.  

Kirsten Ruhnke is a passionate being and brings that passion into everything that she does. 

She has spent many years experiencing life and searching for ways to bring all of herself into the world where she can share her gifts, enthusiasm and vast array of skills while truly making a difference to her fellow humans and our precious earth.   

Anja is a clothing designer by trade so she came with the skills to make the actual product after the idea was sparked a few years ago.  She has been in the industry for many years and has a creative eye for beautiful fabrics and textures so knew exactly where to get what, which materials worked and didn’t and generally how to produce a uniquely designed, high quality, absorbent, super comfortable reusable sanitary pad.

Kirsten has delved into many different elements in her work life and has accumulated many skills along the way which she has the opportunity to put into action with MoonTime.  She opened a skills development centre in Johannesburg through which she learnt a great deal, both personally and professionally.  She has worked in advertising, training, counseling, personal development and healing and is delighted to be able to use all she has learnt along the way in building a heart based business.

Anja and Kirsten are leaders in a new way of thinking and being which is made possible through their product.  They are educating, creating awareness and shifting mindsets.  

MoonTime provides a way of making a difference as an individual, to the earth, to women’s health and to the women in communities.  

Kirsten and Anja are learning every day and love that they can start an uncomfortable conversation and change the way people feel about menstruation.  Helping women to love, honour and respect themselves and harness the blessing of being a woman.

It is a privilege to work with the ultimate cycle… The Menstrual Cycle… the cycle without which none of us would be here.  What a special journey x 

Sharon Richter

Seamstress Extraordinaire

Sharon has been working with Anja since 2014 and together they have produced many wonderful items. When the idea of MoonTime reusable sanitary pads was born, Sharon was excited to be part of this beautiful journey and together they designed and produced yet another incredible product, which ignited a new passion in this highly skilled seamstress.  

Sharon has been invaluable to the MoonTime team and her big heart and easy flow make her a delight to work with.