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MoonTime (Pty) Ltd was born in 2017 when Kirsten and Anja combined their passion and skills to touch women’s lives through a product that would change their moontime experience and help lighten the load on our precious mama earth.  From the beginning a small percentage was put aside with each reusable pad sold into a community account which gave them the opportunity to donate pads and plant trees with Precious Tree Project to offset their carbon footprint.  MoonTime has grown organically and both Anja and Kirsten followed the magic and where their hearts truly lie.  They brought Shalene on board at the end of 2019 and that is when MoonTime Community NPC was born, MoonTime’s non-profit company, giving them the opportunity to spread the pad love and truly make a difference.


MoonTime Community NPC offers a long term sustainable solution with affording funders and donors the opportunity to provide reusable sanitary pads that will last for many years.

MoonTime reusable pads are high quality, made with natural materials and are Proudly South African using beautiful Shweshwe fabric.  They are highly absorbent, lightweight, breathable and easy to wash.  They will last for many years and not only help lighten the load on our planet, women will not be exposed to all the harsh chemicals in disposables.

MoonTime sells their pads online and in health shops and have been asked why they don’t make cheaper pads for the women in communities. MoonTime Community stands for equality and they feel that all women deserve to bleed in the same high quality pad… one that is going to make them feel valued and last for many years.   

MoonTime community pads are available in buckets of 4 and 6 pads but can be made up to specific needs.  The 2.5 litre bucket comes with different size pads, a bag with wet compartment, a natural soap and an information pamphlet.  

Half the population bleeds for half their lives and there are many women who are unable to afford the basic need of sanitary products.

There are numerous pad drives out there and many companies and sponsors are donating disposable pads to help the girls in the communities and to keep them in school.  They are doing amazing work with great intentions but it is not sustainable and is only a short term solution as the girls continue to need more pads month after month.  Where do they all go?

On average, a woman will use 14 500 disposable pads and tampons in her lifetime throwing away 150–200kgs of menstrual product waste. It takes 500-800 years for a disposable pad to decompose and there is no longer space on our precious earth to hold all the pads being thrown away month after month. The non-biodegradable disposable sanitary pads that go straight from bins to landfills are harmful to the environment, if they even make it to the landfill.  Burning used sanitary pads releases fumes containing toxic gases like dioxins which are carcinogenic and linked to many health problems. 


Our MoonTime team does an educational workshop on delivery as well as a follow up session answering any questions and providing information. 

Part of the program will be educating on the environment and what community members can do to help as well as the ins and outs of menstruation and personal wellbeing.  The MoonTime team will work with the teachers and support and assist as needed.

They will show the community how to eco brick (filling plastics bottles with loose rubbish which can build cool things) and trees will be planted giving back to the community and our earth. 

We have special community pricing which is considerably lower than our online prices so please contact us directly to discuss pricing and product options.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards specific community projects. 

We have identified schools and areas that are in desperate need and will provide buckets of pads. 

We have the option of a once off donation or a monthly debit order. No amount is too small so if you feel called, please donate what you can and know that it will be making a huge difference to someone’s life.  

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Re a leboga

Ke a leboha haholo

Ndza Nkhensa

Together we can make a difference.

Ke Itumetse

Ro Livhuwa


Precious Tree Project


Precious Tree Project is a small local non-profit initiative that concentrates on creating patches of Forest, by planting indigenous and endemic forest trees in the Garden Route.

They’re on a mission to grow and plant millions of indigenous and endemic trees; while addressing job creation, local economic and community development, social upliftment, preservation of local animal life, climate change and sustainability.

Every tree that gets sponsored goes towards regenerating and expanding natural endemic forest areas along the Garden Route.  When you sponsor a tree you help to cool the world, clean the air, improve the soil, clean water sources and create a “home” for so much life. When a forest is created, these benefits expand exponentially and become a wondrously complex biosphere for current and future generations to enjoy.

Check out their website for more information on the amazing work they do and how you can get involved.