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I have not been much of a pad girl in the past so had to smile to myself that life brought me together with Anja and that we are now in the pad business! Gotta love it!

So of course being in the pad business, I had to trial and test the product I would be sharing and had no idea what a great change it would be. I got my starter set and so the journey began.

I was pleasantly surprised. Wearing a pad is obviously different to wearing an internal product so it took a bit of getting used to and finding out what size and when worked for me.

I took some time to be fully in the process and be with my body and the pads.
There is something amazing in the process of letting your blood flow – allowing it to do its thing and find its way out the body.

Since I have started on this new exciting venture, I have been doing a lot of research and have realised just how bad disposable sanitary products are… for our health and for the environment. Knowing what I know now, I am just so grateful that I have an alternative… like our MoonTime reusable sanitary pads. YAY!

So during the journey of getting to know my pads, I realised a few things…

• Make sure your underwear is tight and sits close to your body – this helps the pad stay in place and absorb immediately as the blood leaves your body – if there is a gap there is more chance of leakage.

• Depending on your flow, wear a pad that is more on the bigger side than smaller side when sleeping. Wear tight underwear and another tight layer like hot pants or leggings. This helps the pad stay in place when you are moving around in your sleep. I also found myself checking the position of my pad whenever I moved in the night which helped keep everything in place. Of course we don’t always know what we’re doing when we’re sleeping but it is amazing how we can unconsciously be in tune with what is going on.

• Work out how you bleed – how much, does it flow evenly or come in spurts, do you bleed more to the front or more to the back – that comes with taking the time to feel it out and observing your body’s way… which of course can be different every time. I like to take a moment to be with my process – take note and be aware of what is happening.

• Find the right size for the time of your cycle and your flow. Our pads are bit bigger and longer than disposable pads but that’s what I personally like about them. I like that there is full coverage and would rather have more cover than less.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are quite thin… they are super absorbent and really do work.

I have loved getting closer to my body and being more in tune with my cycle and the process of bleeding every month. Menstruation has been called “the curse” and so for many of us, that is exactly how we treat it. It is not a curse… it is a blessing! I know it isn’t always convenient and can be a pain in the ass but in my journey, the more connected I am to my cycle, the more space and opportunities I am given to really honour the process and make the very most of it. There are many different things we can learn about the different phases of our cycle and we will be writing more about that in time to come.

In the meantime, I am aware that for many people the thought of washing their own pads is gross and I sort of did too… until I did it and have now come to enjoy it. I get to see what my body is doing and water the garden with the highly nutritious water. I know that I am not putting anything harmful near the most sensitive part of my body and I know that I am making a difference to the environment and lightening my load on mama earth.

Sounds like a win win situation to me! Happy MoonTime x

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