Reusable earth friendly menstrual products
Handmade in south Africa with natural materials
Uniquely designed for your comfort
Leak-proof, lightweight and breathable
Highly absorbent

Why choose reusable sanitary pads?

For your Wellbeing

Our high-quality reusable sanitary pads are made from 100% cotton Shweshwe and natural materials. They are free from harsh chemicals, plastics, glues, synthetic fibres and bleaches which lowers the risk of rashes, irritation and infection. Using natural sanitary products helps your body find its innate rhythm and can reduce menstrual pain and discomfort.

For the Environment

On average a woman will use 14 500 disposable pads and tampons throwing away 150-200 kgs of menstrual product waste in her lifetime which end up in landfills and our natural habitats. Disposable pads are toxic to the environment and take 500-800 years to decompose - there is no longer space on our precious earth to hold them.

The easiest waste to manage, is the waste we did not produce so combine the blessing of being a woman with making a difference to the earth by lightening your load on her.

For your Pocket

A woman can spend approximately R36 000 on disposable sanitary products in her lifetime. The initial outlay for reusable sanitary pads is more than disposables but they will last for many years which means huge savings - making it a long-term investment... and no last minute trips to the shop to get pads.

Moontime is the time of the month when women bleed. A time to go within, rest and digest, listen to your heart and harness your intuition. Your body and cycle are interconnected with the moon, the earth and all the elements. Honour the gift of being a woman by knowing your own individual cycle. You can get a deeper understanding of how to balance your menstrual phases, which is both empowering and liberating.


What some women have to say about MoonTime products...
I am a yoga instructor and I also study BSc sports science so I do a lot of different types of sports. No matter whether I am in a deep forward fold, inverted or on a run, I have never had an incident with MoonTime pads. I use size small (I have 4) and extra small (I have 2) and I am always comfortable, it never leaks and never smells. I actually have never used my diva cup because your pads work so well in my active life style that I do not need to use other types of sanitary devices. 5/5 stars
Claire Barnard
MoonTime reusable cloth pads are absolutely fantastic. They are comfortable, they stay in place, catch the blood well and don't leak through at all which is fabulous. They wash off so easily. I just keep a bucket of water next to the toilet and drop it in. I don't even have to use soap – it is quite profound. I can highly recommend MoonTime pads. They are certainly changing my experience of having my moontime in an authentic integral way without putting any more rubbish into the planet. I also get left with a bucket of very nutritious water for the plants. Thank you very much. They’re absolutely wonderful and I love the fabric, it’s really fantastic.
Lauren Amy Hofmeyer
I am a proud first timer of this wonderful product. I was highly impressed by the perfect fit and the option of different sizes. This product was clearly planned and thought through meticulously by its designers. I also love the special Shweshwe material as I was always prone to rashes and infections from other factory made products. The different colours are very cool and adds to the already feminine feel. My whole mindset around this special, vulnerable time of the month had changed and I also love that I can contribute to the conservation of our beautiful earth. Namasté to all you special women everywhere choosing to be more aware of your cycle, femininity and our marvellous earth.
Louise Joubert
Wow, what a lovely product, I have always been a tampon girl, but due to unforeseen circumstances, had to look for an alternative. Since day 1, I am a total convert! I've been using these pads for a while and not yet a leakage in sight... and for me that is unheard of as I unfortunately am of those girls who have a delightfully heavy flow. They are totally comfortable - moulding completely to your lady bits and there is never a weird sound, which you get with conventional pads. Best of all... THEY ARE SO PRETTY! I feel like I make a fashion statement over my flow time. Thank you MOONTIME! So much love for the creators of such uplifting positive products just for us.
Tanya Dampier
What a beautiful product in every way! For those skeptics out there I urge you to please just do try them! Not only is this an incredibly well-made and effective product (not to mention visually beautiful!), but the joy one gets every month knowing that you are not contributing to mounds of waste on landfill sites is truly worth it! They also allow you to be more in touch with your cycle and your body - such a must when one begins to realize how much “traditional” (or common) menstrual products create further detachment from these processes. Thank you MoonTime for this beautiful product and everything it stands for!
Lulu Zondagh
Moontime pads are just PHENOMENAL! I used their maternity pads with the birth of my daughter and they were more than up to the task. This is my 4th baby so feel able to compare them to all other options out there. They were much more comfortable than anything else I’ve ever tried and of the perfect size that I could be confident of no leakages and focus on my beautiful bubs. The maternity pads also have longevity because they make a perfect night time pad as well, so I’ll still be using them for ages. Absolutely worth it. The kit with sizes small to extra large was also so perfect as I moved through my postpartum stages. Can’t praise them any higher. Thank you!
Desire Zonjee