MoonTime pads founder Kirsten Ruhnke
It is a privilege to work with the ultimate cycle… The Menstrual Cycle…
the cycle without which none of us would be here. 

MoonTime has been spreading the pad love since 2017 and was started when two close friends, Kirsten Ruhnke and Anja Bock joined forces and brought their vision, passion, skills and spirits together, creating a heart based business that would truly make a difference.  Anja has always had a passion for women and the environment and she created the vehicle to reach both through the creation of MoonTime reusable sanitary pads.   Being a clothing designer, she came with the skills to make the actual product and after spending many months designing the pad with her seamstress Sharon and it was just right and ready to go out into the world… the MoonTime journey began.

For 3 years Kirsten and Anja worked side by side learning the ins and outs of building an authentic business and a kickass brand.  At the end of 2020 Anja left MoonTime to pursue her other passions and dreams.  Kirsten is now flying the MoonTime flag solo and is grateful for the solid foundation that this special business was built on.  

Kirsten has spent many years experiencing life and searching for ways to bring all of herself into the world where she can share her passionate being, gifts, enthusiasm and vast array of skills while truly making a difference to her fellow humans and our precious earth.  She has always been an earth warrior and delved into many different elements in her work life accumulating many skills along the way which she has the opportunity to put into action with MoonTime.  She is growing as a social entrepreneur and is delighted to be a disrupter and help change mindsets. 

Kirsten is learning every day and loves that she can start an uncomfortable conversation and change the way people feel about menstruation.  MoonTime pads are the vehicle to reach women on all levels and Kirsten is excited to share about all the other elements of harnessing the blessing of being a woman! Menstruation is a superpower and the more women connect to that, the greater power they have.

MoonTime provides a way of making a difference as an individual, to the earth, to women’s health and to the women in communities.  

Sharon Richter

Seamstress Extraordinaire.

MoonTime would not be possible without Sharon, our highly skilled seamstress.  Sharon helped design the pad and has been in with her whole being from the very beginning. 

Sharon has been invaluable to the MoonTime team and her big heart and easy flow make her a delight to work with.  

Anja Bock and Kirsten Ruhnke

Co-Founders… Where the MoonTime journey began.