About MoonTime

The Creator ~ Anja Bock

It all started many moons ago when I became a mother. Conceiving, growing and birthing my son Sylas made me realise the power women hold in the miracle of bringing new life into this world and how truly perfect the design of the female body is. That was my bridge of awakening and where my journey began of truly getting to know myself.

In 2013 I was doing my Movement Medicine apprenticeship in the UK when a friend gave me a small workbook with exercises to get to know my menstrual cycle better. Through the process I felt liberated and empowered and the seed was planted.

My passion for sharing with women deepened and life experiences brought me to a place of working with and getting to know my womb space better. My being was activated and I knew I wanted to do something where I could encourage and bring women together from all walks of life in our shared experience of our monthly moontime. I feel we have become disconnected from nature and ourselves and that by observing our blood and the process, we get back to our roots and it becomes a ritual which holds much wisdom and many insights.

Having designed and made clothing for many years and having a creative eye for beautiful fabrics and textures I was ready to create these incredible pads.

My wish is for women to feel confident when they bleed, to be in touch with their feminine side and wear something wonderful… that will make a difference to the earth, their bodies and general wellbeing. So after over a year of designing, developing, monthly trials, many many pads and much energy – MoonTime was born.

I am passionate about the environment and feel that part of my journey is to help bridge the gap and find different ways of being and living in harmony with ourselves, nature and each other. What better way than to combine the blessing of being a woman with making a difference to the earth by lightening our load on her.

I couldn’t have done it alone and am super grateful for those who have been part of the process. A dear friend who was the key to the sanitary pad project, Kirsten, Sharon and my wonderful partner.

As my work with women of all ages expands, it is my intention through collaboration, to weave my offerings and incorporate dance, yoga, voice work, massage, skills training, reiki and other modalities to encourage all woman to step into their power.

Living a simple life with my loving partner, son and animals on a farm in the mountains, I look forward to seeing how the journey unfolds and am excited for what lies ahead.

About Our Products

All of our beautiful pads are high quality and handmade in South Africa with 100% cotton Shwe Shwe fabric and natural materials. They are highly absorbent, leak-proof, lightweight, breathable and uniquely designed for your comfort.

Respect your cycle with a healthier, greener and more cost-effective alternative to disposable pads.

Each pad consists of 4 layers of 100% cotton Shwe Shwe fabric, 1 layer of 4-5ml toweling, 1 layer of breathable waterproof material and 2 quality press studs – making it adjustable for your comfort. It effortlessly folds around your underwear and effectively stays in place.

The Rest of The Team

Kirsten Ruhnke

Co Founder & Pad Enthusiast

After a long journey of searching for something meaningful and valuable to pursue, the universe gently… once again… brought Anja and Kirsten together. Using her life experiences and skills gained over the years, Kirsten is delighted to be co-owner of a business that is making a difference to individuals as well as the whole… while having fun.

Sharon Ritcher

Seamstress Extraordinaire

Sharon has been working with Anja for a couple of years and together they have produced many wonderful items. When the idea of MoonTime reusable sanitary pads was born, Sharon was excited to be part of this beautiful journey and they produced yet another incredible product… which ignited a new passion in this highly skilled seamstress.