Lady of the Herbs Easy Menses Herbal Extract


PMS and Period Pain Relief

Women have turned to nature for period pains and PMS for centuries.

Lady of the Herbs has specifically blended herbs to support you through your menses. Relieve period pains and aching discomfort in your lower back and legs with our Easy Menses Herbal Extract Drops.

This botanical remedy may be used to calm PMS symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, dizziness, depression, mood swings, hysteria, stress, insomnia, nervous tension, excitability, and headaches.

The herbs used helps to relieve pelvic congestion and enhance circulation as well as support your liver function.

It may also increase energy, endurance, and resilience to stress which we all need during that time of the month.


Ingredients: Black Cohosh, Motherwort, Valerian, Schisandra chinensis, Food grade sugarcane ethanol, Distilled water.




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