MyownCup Teen / Small Menstrual Cup


Most suited to the teen girl.  Can be used from first menstrual cycle.

MyownCup comes in a recyclable box with a cotton bag.

Capacity: 15ml / Length: 4.5cm / Diameter: 3.8cm

It is recommended that young girls should be comfortable with their bodies and the process of menstruating before considering a menstrual cup.

Each cup can be reused for up to 8 years.




Wash & Boil or Sterilize

Wash MyownCup with clean, warm water.  Make sure that the air holes are clean.
Immerse in water and then boil MyownCup in an open pot for 5 minutes.

Note: there is no need to sterilize between emptying unless the cup is dropped into toilet or onto the floor.
Wash Hands – always wash your hands with soap and water before inserting, removing or handling your cup.

You can also use the CUP SANITIZER SPRAY.

Once cup is washed, one spritz on the inside, and one on the outside will ensure your cup is free of nasties.

Store in the cotton material bag.


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