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Our Starter Set is ideal as a base to build your MoonTime reusable sanitary pad collection on. It consists of 1 x small pad, 1 x medium pad, 1 x large pad, 1 x extra-large pad, 1 x carrier bag with wet compartment and 1 x natural soap. Having 1 of each size will give you a feel of which pad works best for your flow at which time in your cycle. Add individual and twin pack pads as and when needed.


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Caring for your MoonTime Pads.

    • Soak in a bucket of cold water (hot water sets blood) with essential oil or lemon.
    • Hand wash with a natural, un-fragranced soap, rinse and hang to dry.
    • If you can’t wash your pad immediately – rinse after use (don’t let blood dry out), fold, clip and put in a wet bag until you can wash it.
    • Machine washable – on a delicate cycle with biodegradable detergent.
    • Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.
    • Ensure pads are fully dried before storing.

Although our pads have been pre-washed, we recommend that you wash them again before first use.

With gentle care, your MoonTime pads will last for many years.

*All of our pads are handmade with pride so naturally there will be some variation

Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 190 × 50 mm

Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Purple


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